Focus on the customer's vehicle operation concerns, for the purpose of adding value to the customer, MOTOR SIGHTS establishes a continuous and effective customer relationship with the customer by analyzing the customer's operation situation.
     Based on the above concepts, MOTOR SIGHTS established the "Trio-brains" of the core business management team through the customer revenue formula, namely sales, spare parts and after-sales, taps internal key resources and establishes key processes.


We will offer the recommendation spare parts list according to the model.

Recommendation spare parts should be purchased together with the equipment.
All the items listed in the list are maintenance parts,consumable parts and othercommon spare parts.Preparing the parts in advance provides effective protectionfor the normal operation of the equipment.

2.1 For customers to ensure equipment attendance rate,will negotiate to sign a"Safety Stock Agreement for Consignment Spare parts".
2.2 Establish a complete workflow and supply cycle of consignment spare parts,and the supply cycle of accessories is generally 3 months.
2.3 Promise to provide the safety stock of consignment spare parts,which isgenerally used for 3 months,and establish a dynamic safety stock according to actual usage
2.4 The procurement of auto parts materials provided by motor sights is in line with the Indonesian National Standard(SNI)certification,and its production,import andexport,transportation,operation,sales and other links fully comply with relevant Indonesian laws and regulations. Any liability or any joint liability arising out of any breach of  the law shall be borne by MOTOR SIGHTS.



Comprehensive after -sales support is one of MOTOR SIGHTS 's core market competitiveness. Our goal is to provide customers with a product life cycle service. We hope to improve customer experience and help users to work more efficient through our comprehensive after. sales support.
Through the spare parts center and maintenance team in Morowali, Sulawesi, we are able to offer all of the following services:
1. One - year warranty, no limit on mileage.
2. Free operator training.
3. Free staff maintenance skills training.
4. Provide customers with high quality original spare parts. Spare parts willbe charged according to the spare parts list.
5. Repair service charges are based on working hours.
6. Staffing. Maintenance personnel will be determined based on the number of trucks purchased by the user. (negotiation)



         Motor Sights supply chain and warehousing use ERP to achieve comprehensive online digital management. From the purchase application to product inquiry, quotation, price comparison and purchase order , delivery, in-stock and out-stock, online circulation can be realized through ERP system. Use the digital management platform to track the status of vehicles and spare parts throughout the process, report the latest order execution information to customers timely. The powerful online data decision analysis system can provide customers with accurate report query services at any time.

         Starting from the product itself, according to factors such as load capacity and actual road conditions, provide the best operation guidance plan and provide training to improve customer operating income.

         Participation in the whole chain based on the financing policy can help customers reduce financial pressure to the greatest extent, and provide customers with the most optimized purchase plan; ensure the continuous and stable supply of products, and achieve a win-win situation between Motor Sights and customers.

         Indonesian local salespersons are all operation experts of mineral transportation, who go deep into the customer's project site to conduct research, and conduct on-site investigation and understanding of the entire operating conditions, and provide perfect product solutions.