What is Motor Sights?
      Motor Sights-Five-star vehicle customization service expert! With six major product services as the core,such as professional consultation,heavy truck products, spare parts service, after-sales service support,operation solution and financing support, to provide customers with dedicated services and the best product solutions.

       Since 2018, Motor Sights has strategically laid out the Indonesian market and focused on the localization of heavy truck series products in Indonesia with a development perspective. Relying on its strong supply chain and product advantages, Motor Sights  truck series currently have more than 5000 units in Indonesia, and its sales volume has ranked first in Indonesia's mining heavy truck transportation industry for five consecutive years!

                                                                                               Main product categories

      It mainly focuses on heavy truck series products, such as mining dump trucks, tractors, flatbed trucks, etc.
     Construction machinery related products, such as sprinklers, oil tankers, graders, excavators, road rollers, etc.
      Accessories, such as tires, maintenance oil, maintenance parts, etc.

                                                                                  Common development and common profit

      The main partner of Motor Sights Indonesia is Tsingshan Group, which is the world's largest nickel ore producer. Its two major production projects, Morowali and Weda Bay, account for 95% of the total daily operating vehicles are Motor Sights Products.
      In response to the huge vehicle operation needs of the project site, Motor Sights is equipped with an on-site warehouse and a professional after-sales service team. In Morowali,the daily storage value of spare parts is about 60 million yuan, with more than 2,200 types and the daily order volume is about 300. The professional warehousing operation team and after-sales service team keep the vehicle attendance rate of both projects above 99% all year round, which has won the trust and praise of customers.

      The demonstration effect of low input and high output of the two parks has also enabled the Motor Sights to win the recognition of customers around the project site.


                                                                                               3 main business sectors

      Service area: Mainly for the Indonesian market and the strategic development of the entire Southeast Asian market.
      Service customer base: Focus on serving Indonesian mineral transportation enterprises (B2B model). At this stage, it mainly focuses on the mineral transportation project customers of Sino-Indian cooperation and local customers in Indonesia, and will expand to other Southeast Asian countries in the later stage.
       Service model: Take customer value as the first principle, provide customers with heavy truck products and mineral transportation solutions, and continue to create value for customers with additional functions other than products (such as accessories, after-sales service, operation guidance, etc.).