Subcooled condenser assembly (integrated drying tank)

Item No.: 104
Air conditioning system
  • weight2.77kg
  • long752mm
  • width496mm
  • thickness36mm
  • Description

            The compressor sucks in the lower pressure working medium vapor from the evaporator, raises the pressure and then sends it to the condenser, where it condenses into a liquid with a higher pressure, and after being throttled by the throttle valve, it becomes a liquid with a higher pressure. After the low liquid is sent to the evaporator, it absorbs heat and evaporates in the evaporator to become steam with a lower pressure, and then is sent to the inlet of the evaporator to complete the refrigeration cycle.

            Process and material:

             The condenser is generally composed of an inlet connection block - an outlet connection block - an assembly bracket (depending on the loading structure) - a jump pipe (optional) - a liquid collector on both sides - a drying barrel and a cooling core (tube and cooling fins) The heat exchange area is mainly composed of fins and tubes. The production process is generally: stamping of fins and tubes → core assembly → riveting of both ends of the collector tubes → brazing → leak detection → finished product packaging.

              The condenser is located at the front air inlet of the car, and the raw materials are almost all aluminum;

              As the core components of the heat dissipation function, the tubes and fins are generally from improved long-life aluminum alloys; at the same time, due to the requirements of the brazing process, the two sides of the tubes are covered with 10% Clad composite layer, and the composite layer is generally from 4045 or 4343 aluminum alloy ; Fins use AA3003modified (including ZN).


            Precautions when using:

            1. Mix the detergent with water. The washing product of the condensing net is alkaline and is slightly corrosive to the condenser, so it is very important to add water to reduce the concentration, because if the concentration is too high, the tube will be washed very cleanly, but the corrosiveness cannot be ignored;

            2. Start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and make the electronic fan rotate. Rinse with clean water first, and use the rotation of the fan to spread the clean water all over the condenser. It must be flushed thoroughly. During this period, the electronic fan may stop due to the low temperature of the condenser. At this time, stop the flushing and let the condenser. The temperature rises, making the electronic fan work again;

            3. After the entire condenser is soaked, use a water spray tool (such as watering flowers, etc.) to spray the prepared washing product on the surface of the condenser. At this time, the electronic fan should also be running, and use it Its operation is sucked in and distributed to all corners, and it is estimated that it is enough to spray it. At this point, turn off the air conditioner and engine, and observe the surface of the condenser. After a few minutes, you will see that the dirt on the surface will slowly "float" with some small bubbles. Wait for a few minutes (we usually wait ten to Fifteen minutes, depending on the concentration);

           4. Start the air conditioner again to make the fan rotate. At this time, use a lot of water to rinse. The more thorough the rinse, the better. Don't be lazy in this step. After the rinse is enough, you will find that the surface of the condenser is clean. Wash the condenser like new.

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