filter element

Item No.: 3250
  • weight0.8kg
  • high209mm
  • diameter95.5mm
  • Description

             The upstream of the machine filter is the oil pump, and the downstream is the parts that need to be lubricated in the engine. The machine filter filters out the harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, and supplies the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, booster with clean oil. It can lubricate, cool and clean, thus prolonging the life of these parts.

          Process and main components:


          1. Stamping. It refers to the stretching of the casing, the stamping of the threaded plate and the sealing plate, and the stamping of the upper and lower end caps of the oil filter element. The material and thickness of the oil filter housing have certain requirements, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that it will not deform under high oil pressure. Make exquisite product bottom flange surface lotus thread marks.

          2. Production of filter paper. This step is very critical because it ensures that the product filtration area can meet the performance requirements. The filtration efficiency is high and the flow resistance is small, so that the oil can be supplied to each component that needs lubricating oil in time.

          3. Filter paper clips. The operation requirements of filter paper production are very high. After the filter paper production is completed, the marked model must be confirmed, and then the filter paper is put into the clamping strip. There should be no looseness between the filter paper and the clamping strip.

          4. Upper end cap. The material of the end cover also has certain requirements. It must be ensured that the filter element and the flange are concentric and cannot be offset, and the check valve must be installed effectively and correctly.

          5. Aprons. The rubber ring is mainly for better sealing performance. This process requires setting the oven temperature, and checking whether the product is sticky after baking, etc.

          6. Assembly. The assembly process is not as simple as everyone thinks. Generally, it is a dust-free workshop. The purpose is to control the air cleanliness and temperature and humidity that the product comes into contact with.

          7. Detection. After all the processes are completed, the product should be further tested to see if there is side leakage, and the cleanliness and sealing performance of the product should be guaranteed.


          Precautions when using:


          1. Pay attention to maintenance, under normal circumstances, replace it once every 5000 kilometers;

          2. Try to choose the one with high filtration precision, long replacement cycle, and large ash capacity, which can be suitable for harsh environments and can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosion (depending on whether the appearance and details are good enough, and then whether the rubber ring has Toughness and softness. Finally, we need to see if there is a check valve structure inside, shake the motor filter and listen to whether there is any noise, etc.

          3. Before purchasing products, please be sure to verify the model, displacement and other information of your car to ensure that you buy the correct model of accessories. You can check your car maintenance manual, or you can use the "self-maintenance" function to confirm.

          4. The oil filter should be replaced at the same time when changing the oil, otherwise, it will cause pollution to the new oil, accelerate its deterioration and affect the performance.

          5. Choose high-quality oil filter products. Inferior oil filters have low filtration efficiency and can easily cause early engine wear. And prone to oil leakage, affecting the service life of the engine.

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