wheel bolt

Item No.: 101
  • weight0.569kg
  • high234mm
  • diameter130mm
  • Description

           Car tire screws generally use fine-tooth triangular threads, the diameter of the bolt is between 14 and 20 mm, and the thread pitch is 1 to 2 mm. This triangular thread can be locked by itself: after the tire screw is tightened with a specified torque, the threads of the nut and the bolt fit each other, and the huge friction between them can keep the two stationary, that is, Self-locking. At the same time, the bolts are elastically deformed, and the wheels and brake discs (brake drums) are tightly fixed on the hub.

           Materials and craftsmanship:
            The high-strength main materials are 35CrMo and 42CrMo, and the process is generally divided into cold drawing → hot upsetting → hexagonal shaping → thread processing → quenching and tempering → surface treatment.

            Precautions when using:

           1. Regularly check the fastening bolts at about 10,000 kilometers, and the torque value of the screws is between 100-110 Nm (the tire bolts of the car are generally forward-rotating bolts regardless of whether they are positive or negative, so the screws on the right side are getting tighter and tighter on the left side. The screws on the side may become looser and looser);

           2. It is wrong to tighten the screws firmly. It is best to use a torque to tighten the tire screws;

           3. In the process of vehicle maintenance, be sure not to oil the bolts and nuts (the tire bolts and nuts have self-locking characteristics after tightening, and the self-locking coefficient between the two becomes smaller after lubricating oil is applied, and the self-locking performance decreases .When the car is driving at high speed, the bolts and nuts are easy to loosen or even fall off, causing driving accidents)

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