DTF hexagon flange nut M24×1.5-10

Item No.: 106
  • weight0.13kg
  • high10mm
  • diameter24mm
  • Description

            The DTF nut adds the anti-loosening function on the basis of the traditional anti-loosening nut, that is, the nut will not fall off the bolt after the connection is loosened due to unexpected reasons such as insufficient installation torque, unqualified bolt thread, etc.

         Process and material:

         1. Cutting: The inner die and the shearing knife cooperate to cut the wire into the required blanks.

         2. One punch: The front punch, the stroke die and the back punch cooperate to shape the deformed cut blank, and the back punch pushes the blank.

         3. Second punch: The running clamp clamps the blank from the first punch to the second punch, and the front punching die, the stroke die and the rear cooperate to further shape the blank, and strengthen the flattening and full angle effect of the first punching, and then punching The rod pushes the blank out.

         4. Three punches: The running clamp clamps the blanks from the second punch to the third punch. The front punching die, the stroke die and the rear cooperate to extrude the blanks again, so that the lower punch can be completely formed, and then the blanks are removed by the rear punch. V. Four punches: The running clamp clamps the blank from the third punch to the fourth punch, and the nut is completely formed by the front punch, the stroke die, and the rear, and the thickness of the nut is adjusted by controlling the thickness of the iron filings. Push the blank out.

          5. Five punches: The operation clamp clamps the blank from the fourth punch to the fifth punch, and the front punching die and the muscle and blood are combined to punch the completely formed blank, and the punched iron filings enter the lower core of the punching die. , the blood completes the forming of the nut.


            Precautions when using:

         1. The normal operation of the bearing should not exceed 75 degrees Celsius. Because the new exciter has a running-in process, the temperature may be slightly higher, but after 8 hours of operation, the temperature should stabilize. If the temperature continues to be too high, the oil should be checked. Grade, oil level and oil cleanliness.

         2. Where ring groove rivets are used, it is allowed to use bolts instead. All contact surfaces or holes should be free of iron filings, ash, oil, rust and burrs.

         3. The bolts connecting the vibration exciter and the screen box are not allowed to be replaced by ordinary bolts. Regularly check the tightening condition, at least once a month.

         4. The used bolts, nuts and washers comply with relevant regulations.

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